Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1)


The course has been designed to help anyone who works with children and young people safeguard them from Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). In this course you will learn what CSE is and learn about CSE from the perspective of the offenders and the victims. You will also learn about key role mobile and internet technology plays in CSE and about the differences between gang and group CSE.


The course is aimed at anyone who works with or has contact with children.

About this course

This course will heighten your awareness and increase your understanding of child sexual exploitation (CSE).

The course is split into six modules:

  • What is Child Sexual Exploitation?
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and Offender Behaviour
  • The Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • The Warning Signs of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and the Role of the Internet
  • Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups
  • The course contains additional resource materials, useful links and a refresher guide.


    In this course you will:

  •  Learn the definition of CSE
  •  Learn about the current attitudes to CSE
  •  Know the types of offender
  •  Learn about the different models of abuse
  •  Learn how big the problem is
  •  Know who the offenders are
  •  Know typical offender behaviours
  •  Know the grooming process
  •  Know clues to inappropriate intentions
  •  Understand the offender’s motives
  •  Know who the victims are and who is vulnerable
  •  Learn about under-represented groups
  •  Learn what marks the victims out
  •  Know common misconceptions
  •  Learn about consent and criminalisation
  •  Learn why it is difficult to disclose
  •  Understand the impact of CSE on the child
  •  Know and recognise the indicators of CSE
  •  Know who is at risk
  •  Know what children do online
  •  Know what can grooming involve and lead to
  •  Learn about risky behaviours
  •  Understand what children think
  •  Learn some key internet acronyms
  •  Know what the warning signs are
  •  Know what constitutes a gang or group
  •  Learn about the key differences between multiple and single perpetrator CSE
  •  Understand the differences between gang and group CSE
  •  Know why children are slipping through the net
  •  Know the OCC framework to prevent and deal with CSE
  •  Learn about the good practice guidelines for professionals


    Here are some of the topics covered in the modules:

    The problem with child sexual exploitation | Recent high profile cases | Which of these involve CSE? | A definition of CSE | What are your views? | My Dangerous Loverboy | Who are the offenders? | How do they do it? | Associated crimes | Secondary offences | How big is the problem? | What are we up against? | How do offenders work? | The grooming process | Red flag behaviours | Offender motives | Love? | What to look out for | Victims’ experience | ‘At risk’ children | Under-represented groups | Gender differences | Why does it happen to them? | Common misconceptions | Consent and criminalisation | Difficulties disclosing CSE | Impact of CSE on victims | Behavioural signs | Who victims associate with and where | The feelings victims might express | The importance of educating yourself | What children do online | What can grooming involve and lead to | Risky behaviours | What children think | Child guidelines | Internet acronyms | What are the warning signs?


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