Information Security on the Job



    This course will introduce the learner to the necessity of information security on the job. The learner will understand the physical security requirements of an organization, plus the intangible requirements such as Internet, email, password, and fax security. After completing this program, the learner will be able to:

    • Implement best practices for recognizing and reacting to security breaches.
    • Follow appropriate preventative procedures.
    • Understand information security in terms of branch security, social networking, fax machines, Internet, and email.


    T1. Physical Security: This topic will provide an introduction to the physical security of the financial institution, including tips, opening and closing procedures, and the appropriate actions to take when there is a breach in security.

    T2. Internet and Email Security: This topic will provide an overview of Internet and email security, with information about user privileges, potential malware derived from software, and more.

    T3. Mobile Data Security: This topic discusses mobile data security in regards to ISO standards for information security. Learners will be introduced to several ISO standards in addition to clear desk and clear screen polices as well as individual best practices.

    T4. Social Networking: This topic will discuss social networking, including information on features that enhance information sharing such as blog posts and widgets, and will mention the challenge of relationship management.

    T5. Passwords: This topic will emphasize the importance of password management as a critical component of any security system, and will provide tips for choosing and designing passwords.

    T6. Security Best Practices: This topic will discuss various security best practices including: securing laptops and other portable devices such as cell phones, flash drives, and CDs.

    T7. Fax Machines: This topic will describe the appropriate and professional use of fax machines for information transmission, with information concerning cover sheets, confidentiality, and more.

    T8. Security Breaches: This topic will discuss potential security breaches, different types of security breaches, and how to report them and exercise due care.

    Please note that any legal and compliance references in this course will pertain to US legislation.


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