Time Management



    This course will comprehensively explain the importance of time management. The learner will be able to examine planning and prioritizing in order to accomplish tasks. After completing this program, the learner will be able to:

    • Estimate time effectively.
    • Plan, prioritize, and delegate roles within the team.
    • Say no when necessary and differentiate between time wasters and productive team members.


    T1. What is Time Management: This topic will introduce the learner to the concept and benefits of time management so that s/he understands how to use his/her time wisely in the workplace.

    T2. Estimating Time: This topic will teach the learner about how to estimate time, including an introduction to the Pareto Principle, so that s/he is better prepared to estimate time for the betterment of his/her work.

    T3. Planning and Prioritizing: This topic will provide the learner with an overview of planning and prioritizing so that s/he knows how to best prepare to use his/her time to the greatest effect.

    T4. Delegating: This topic will introduce the learner to the benefits of delegating tasks as well as discusses how to decide if delegating is the right choice so that s/he understands how delegating could help him/her with time management.

    T5. Saying No: This topic will help the learner understand what to do when the time comes to say no to another person, an important skill that will help him/her with managing time effectively.

    T6. Time Wasters: This topic will introduce the learner to the two types of time wasters, self-generated and environmental, so that s/he is able to recognize and avoid such pitfalls that prevent managing time efficiently.

    T7. Over-Planning: This topic will teach the learner about the concept of over-planning, a problem that can actually slow you down, so the learner understands how to best prevent against the consequences of this obstacle to effective time management.

    Please note that any legal and compliance references in this course will pertain to US legislation.


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