Understanding Change Management



    This course will introduce the learner to the concept of managing change within an organization, and the learner will understand the importance of dealing with transitional periods properly. This course will provide the learner with important information regarding how change is received in the workplace, and they will know how to effectively evaluate the change management process at an organization. Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will have a strong understanding of the following:

    • How individuals adapt to change.
    • Effective techniques for implementing change at an organization.
    • How to deal with resistance to change within an organization.


    T1. Introduction to Change: This topic will introduce the learner to change management by defining the term, providing a brief history of change management, and explaining the importance of assimilation.

    T2. Adapting to Change: This topic will discuss the thought process that an individual goes through when experiencing change.

    T3. Implementing Change: This topic will discuss misconceptions about change, triggers that lead to change, as well as how to establish and implement a plan for change in the organization.

    T4. Employee Reception: This topic will discuss how employees' reception of change impacts the change management process.

    T5. Managing Resistance: This topic demonstrate to the learner how to effectively manage resistance when implementing change within the organization.

    Please note that any legal and compliance references in this course will pertain to US legislation.


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