Unconscious Bias


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Our brains are so infinitely complex, we’re not even aware of most of the processes that are constantly occurring, but one of those processes could be contributing to unconscious bias, along with a mess of other bad habits. Practicing self-awareness and admitting that you might have your own bias is a crucial step in reducing the effect bias has on your decision-making and relationship-building.

This new series from Mindscaling challenges you to stop and learn how to identify your unconscious biases.

Modules in this new series include:

  1. Your Top-Down and Bottom-Up Brain
  2. You Can Understand Your Motivations
  3. How Do People Perceive You?
  4. Beware of Your Assumptions
  5. Mental Short Cuts May Slow You Down
  6. Stereotypes Can Limit Your View
  7. Recognize Your Own Bias
  8. Break Your Bias Habit
  9. Challenge Your Biased Storytelling
  10.  Your Optimism is a Good Thing


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